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Why it rocks to be a lesbian...

You don't have to deal with guys watering the grass with testosterone
Girls are waaaaay prettier than guys
A girl knows what a girl likes
Girls don't feel like they have to be "macho" all the time

I found out that I was gay when I was nine. I went to a movie, and found myself wishing i was in the guy's place during all the mushy scenes. You have no idea how terrifying that is to a little girl (well, maybe you do). I literally threw myself at guys in dinail. Okay, let's just get it out and say it...I was an absolute whore. All of my friends from school will know...I would hard up any guy that even *looked* at me. Looking back at it now, I think it was rather sad, but at the same time hilarious. This year I was finally like, you know what? I am SO sick of all this guy shit! I wasn't even attracted to them. In fact, I hated them. One boy even raped me. I finally got the picture that it just wasn't worth it. I may seem pretty out of the closet here, but in the net I can seem to be pretty anonymous. In public...I'm terrified. My uncle was beaten up and left for dead on the side of a highway. I know how dangerous homophobia can be. So pretty much out in the *real* world, I do everything I can to keep it secret. Bleh...Why are people so paranoid about gaydom? I think that people who are homophobic are really scared that they themselves might be gay. Which is like, no biggy. We gays are not all perverted people who molest kids and only want to get in your pants. We are NORMAL PEOPLE. DO YOU HEAR ME?! Just as normal as all of you! We wake up in the morning, pick up the newspaper outside...all the same stuff you do. It's not like we do fuckin' animal sacrifices and cover our lovers in pigsblood know. And we're not hellspawn. So BLAH to all you peeps who think so! >.<''

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"For as many years as gay and lesbian people in this country or any part of the
Remain the captives and victims of hate-filled societies
Let a day of each year
Hold an hour or a day of commemoration for the thousands
Who, in the missing pages of our history,
Died alone in fire,
Lived alone in terror,
Wept alone in horror,
Waited alone for each other,
Cried alone for validation:
Whether gay men and lesbians died in the inquisition,
in nazi concentration camps,
in prisons and mental hospitals across this country, in a fire-swept gay bar, or as
victims of our own isolation.
No one of us alone or together has enough tears to bring back to life
The thousands of our sisters and brothers whose deaths have been denied by
history ad even by their own families.
All of our lives have already been numbered or distorted by a society that is too
narrow for our love.
We must widen this world, by whatever means we know,
In the name of those dead,
And for the sake of those living.
Let this day
And every day
Remind us in anger
Remind us in love
That we have years to go
> Before we sleep ...
In freedom."

by the Unity Temple for Gays and Lesbians

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