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Get lost in the Poetry Cave...


I wrote most of these when I was battling a MAJOR depression, so they might be a morbid. Go to "Share Something!" and send me some of *your* poetry!

Word Lust

lust was the crux
making me
the lingering deficiency
hankering after your silence
as you glutted your soul with my words
which twinkle in your ears
mankind's verbal existence
the essence of your being
filling your soul cup with my sugar water
of happiness
as we anticipate
our recollection of soul
the key to your wonders
opens the door to my sacred thoughts
i'll caress your mind
with my mountain of words

Garden of Eden

lavender rose
get out of my garden
murdered child
in the youthful violets
blood stains the daffodils
who will tame the wild
eating all the celery hearts
get out of my garden
curse the jasmine
piece by piece
climb the stone wall
tear it down
violence is the answer
for our children
get out of my garden
lavender rose


hurt myself today
and got giddy on the bruises
and a druken stooper of blood
made me procrastinate reality

immortality is mine
in a different universe
so one might as well end the darkness here
all earth has immorality
and forces truth and trust to dissipate

you could have me all
my whole pile of dirt
if not, i'll continue to chop myself
and wallow in the hurt.

*my eyes are wide shut
*i'm moonstruck
*with my stinging dune feeling
*i need to see you soon

*the clockwork kiss
*keeps me feeling clean and sober
*with your leathal weapon love
*you throw me down with your amigo
*a perfect murder for all the sorrow in me

*with a simple twist of fate
*you brighten up my funny face
*and you give me the true grit
*to have a close encounter of the third kind
*with my lioness brave heart

*you killed the troll
*lurking like a fear behind my eyes
*under a bridge too far
*from my heart
*to my head

*are my leap of faith
*my wonderful american beauty
*live in my city of angels
*singing in my soul fly
*won't you take all of me
*including my metal jacket and my lolita lollipop


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